Ticket Charity Auctions

The Japan Society of New York

We’re excited to announce that we’re auctioning 4 tickets, 2 General Admission and 2 VIP, to benefit The Japan Society of New York’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund! This charity was set up in reaction to the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan in 2011, and has broadened it’s scope over the past years to continue providing support to the survivors of earthquakes in Japan. 100% of the profits from both auctions will benefit The Japan Society, and we’re truly proud to support them as their cause is dear to our hearts. 💜

Tickets will begin at the cost they were originally sold at, and include extra features that were not part of the original tickets:

Bid increases are set to a minimum of USD $25, and our system allows proxy bidding which means you may put in the maximum bid you’re willing to place and the system will automatically outbid lower bids for you.

The bidding will officially begin on December 3, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST and conclude on December 17th, 2016 at 12:00 PM. The winning bidder is expected to pay within 48 hours of the auction’s conclusion or forfeit the tickets to the second highest bidder.

The auction will run on our sales portal: sign up for an account using an email that you check often so you receive messages if you’re outbid or you’re the auction winner, and once you’ve confirmed your account you can navigate to our auctions page. Happy bidding!

An Informative Post About Dancing

What’s a masquerade ball without dancing? 💙 We’ve been working closely with the conductor of the Sera Symphony orchestra to plan the evening’s festivities, and we’re excited to see you gliding across the ballroom on our special night with the masked partner of your dreams! Not only will we offer ways to scout out your perfect dance partner if you’re coming solo, we’ll also be offering dances of varying skill so that everyone can enjoy the dance floor, regardless of how much practice time you’ve put in.

Fill Your Dance Card

( Design Not Final )
( Design Not Final )

We will be providing dance cards at every table that are printed with an ordered list of each type of dance we will be offering throughout the evening so that you may schedule yourself with as many lucky dance partners as possible!

We will also be providing pins at each table that can signal to other guests that you are interested and looking for dance partners—a light hued ribbon to signify that you know how to lead, and a dark hued ribbon if you’re better at following. We hope that this will encourage people to find and make new friends!

A Dance For Everyone

We’d like to cover a wide range of different types of dancing so that everyone who wishes to join in can enjoy themselves without worrying about their skill level. We will be offering the following dance styles:

  • Waltz (slow)
  • Viennese Waltz (fast)
  • Tango
  • Foxtrot

All of these dances will be interspersed with several basic “slow dance” songs for those who want some time on the dance floor, gazing into their darling’s eyes and not worrying overly much about their footing.

Ballroom dancing not your style? No worries! When everyone has had their fill of waltzing, we’ll be lowering the house lights and our DJ will play the best Sailor Moon jams for everyone to party to at the end of the night!

Special Dances

Do you want the chance to be the star of the dance floor? We’re extremely excited to be offering four special auctioned dances that will let you and your partner have the room’s eyes on you as you take the empty floor to your choice of music from the series! These auctions will run on our Sales Portal from January 1st – January 15th, 2017. Winners of the auctions will have their names and song choice printed on all of the dance cards!


You and your partner will open our evening of dancing with any style of dance you prefer. You may pick any song from the series that you wish, and the orchestra will accommodate. A truly romantic opportunity!

Starting Bid – USD $250


Love the lovely ladies of the outer planets? Channel their elegant beauty on the dance floor to your choice of their best theme music!

Starting Bid – USD $125

The winners of this auction may pick from the following songs. The suggested dance type is listed in parentheses, but is not mandatory.


The villains of Sailor Moon always love to take center stage! Make your evening deviously fabulous with the chance to own the dance floor, swaying to some of the jazziest numbers in the series!

Starting Bid – USD $100

The winners of this auction may pick from the following songs. The suggested dance type is listed in parentheses, but is not mandatory.


Close off the evening by owning the dance floor with ANY song of your choice (not limited to music from the series), played by our DJ. Use this time to have a special dance with your date or get together a group and choreograph something amazing that will have the other guests cheering!

Starting Bid – USD $75

There’s still plenty of time for everyone to practice, practice, practice! Bring your best dancing shoes and we’ll see you on the floor for a magical evening!

Ticket Swaps

Ticket Swap ServiceWith our grand evening drawing ever closer, our responsibilities are ramping up as the event staff works hard to make sure the ball is a magical night for everyone! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. 💜 Because we have much to accomplish before the event, we’d like to announce now that we will be stopping ticket swaps as of December 1st, 2016. That gives you a month and a half to really determine if you’re attending the event–please remember that your ticket is non-refundable, so even if you suddenly find you can’t make it, we unfortunately can’t offer you your money back.

Our Ticket Swap group on Facebook is still running, and will continue running swaps until December 1st, so if you are a ticket holder and you’ve decided you cannot make the event, please get in touch with us. We will do our very best to find a buyer who can pay you the full value of your ticket, but it is not guaranteed as it depends completely on the demand for tickets at any given time.

Remember that all ticket swaps must happen via our staff–any outside sale of tickets will be considered scalping, and the ticket will simply be canceled. Thanks for your cooperation!

Keepsake Corsages and Boutonnières

We’ve searched the universe for the perfect flowers to give to you while we celebrate this special night together– and we promise they won’t steal your energy!🌹Our special corsages and boutonnières match the evening’s color palette with delicate white roses and a spray of lilac-hued limonium blossoms. Both the corsage and the boutonnières come tied with a lovely silver ribbon that’s been personalized with “SMMB 2017” written on it, making these pieces a really lovely keepsake option! Each one is decorated with a pretty silver filigree crescent moon charm: on the boutonnières it rests tight against the rose stem attached to the ribbon, and on the corsage it’s fastened to a delicate silver wire so that it dangles gently down from your wrist– so elegant!

Boutonnières come with a pearl tipped pin to affix to your gown or lapel, while the corsages come with an elastic silver band that fits around your wrist comfortably. Moon Royalty VIP tickets each come with one complimentary choice of either piece, and Moon Court General Admission tickets can choose to purchase either version for $25. These flowers dry exceptionally well if you’re considering purchasing one to wear and one to save as a memento of the evening! Upgrade sales for these items begin on October 15th with a limit of two per guest. 🌙



Raffle Prizes!

We’re just giddy to announce the collection of exciting Sailor Moon merchandise that we’ve gathered to send home with a few lucky guests as raffle prizes! Every guest will receive a base number of raffle tickets to spend on the raffle: VIP’s receive 5, and General Admission receives 3. During our upgrade sales in October, guests will be able to purchase more raffle tickets if they’d like to boost their luck!

As for the prizes, we hope some of these items catch your eye~

Kodansha Comics Full Sailor Moon Manga Collection

Kodansha Comics Full Sailor Moon English Manga Collection

This full box set of the Sailor Moon manga was completely retranslated and redesigned by Kodansha Comics in 2011. It features gorgeous cover art, unflipped right-to-left reading true to the original Japanese manga, and comes in two beautiful boxes covered with gorgeous art from the series. Now’s your chance to own the entire collection!

Funko Pop! Animation Sailor Moon #90 with Moon Stick and Luna

Funko Pop! Animation Sailor Moon #90 with Moon Stick and Luna

This adorable vinyl figure features Sailor Moon with her Crescent Moon Wand and a Luna to keep her company!


Bandai Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Action Figures

Bandai Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Action Figures

We’ve purchased a big haul of the popular Figuarts line that was released for the 20th anniversary celebration! Take a chance on getting the last one missing from your collection, or try your luck on winning your favorite character! We’ve got the following figures, and each will be a separate prize for you to try for:

Sailor Moon ✩ Sailor Mercury ✩ Sailor Mars ✩ Sailor Jupiter ✩ Sailor Venus

Sailor Saturn ✩ Sailor Uranus ✩ Sailor Neptune ✩ Sailor Pluto

Tuxedo Mask ✩ Sailor V ✩ Sailor Chibi Moon ✩ Super Sailor Moon

Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memories Figurine: Uranus and Neptune

Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memories Figurines: Uranus and Neptune

These beautiful collectible figurines of Sailor Uranus and Neptune will be raffled off as a set–we can’t bear to split them up! Each figurine comes with a pretty stand and they’ll look so elegant together in your display case! ♡

Bandai Tamashii Nations Princess Serenity "Sailor Moon" Figuarts Zero Chouette Figure Statue

Bandai Tamashii Nations Princess Serenity Figuarts Zero Chouette Figure Statue

This figure is the first of the Figurarts ZERO Sailor Moon line, and it is absolutely GORGEOUS. Princess Serenity rests on a crescent moon in misty waters decorated with rose petals, the fabric of her skirt fluttering around her in amazingly sculpted detail. You’ll fall in love at first sight!

Premium Bandai Moonlight Memory Moon Stick & Castle Stand Set

Premium Bandai Moonlight Memory Moon Stick & Castle Stand Set

This Premium Bandai set comes with a replica of the Crescent Moon Wand, and a crystal clear sparkly holder for it modeled after Queen Serenity’s palace!

Premium Bandai Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eau de Toilette

Premium Bandai Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eau de Toilette

This fresh, powdery scent will make you smell like a Moon Princess! It comes in a lovely collectable bottle that’s gold plated and decorated with pink rhinestones with a moon-topped cap. Super elegant!

Princess Dolls

Princess Small Lady Dal Pullip Doll
Queen Serenity Pullip Doll
Princess Serenity Pullip Doll

Raffled separately, these beautifully molded Pullip Dolls truly embody the spirit of the event in their elegant gowns. These prizes are the ultimate gift for any doll collector that adores Sailor Moon! Pick your favorite, or try to win all three!

Raffle ticket upgrades will go on sale starting October 15th for $5/ticket. You may purchase as many as you wish. We hope you get your dream prize!

Dress Code Update: Hoop Skirts

Hoop skirtsAfter working with the Hall of Springs this weekend on our table design and floor plan, we’ve decided to make a small amendment to our dress code. Please refrain from wearing hoop skirts as part of your undergarments at the event. We’ve decided that while very pretty, hoop skirts will take up far too much space at the tables and infringe on your table-mate’s space. It’s our goal to make sure that every guest has a fantastic evening, and we’re sure that you’ll look fabulous even without this item.

What qualifies as a hoop skirt? Any rigid slip that gives your dress a large bell-like form. You are more than welcome to wear petticoats to give your outfit some extra poof, but anything that makes your skirt stiffly create a shape is likely going to infringe on other guest’s space at the table.

Guests who arrive wearing hoop skirts will be asked to return to their hotel to remove them before being let into the Ball. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Call For Photographers

The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball will distribute a limited number of photography passes for photographers who are interested in being present to document the evening’s festivities.

These passes are available for $60, which will cover your meal from the buffet, but will not include any of the extra gifts that come with the guest tickets or a dedicated seat in the main ballroom. Photographers must conform to our event’s black tie dress code for the duration of the event.

We will happily advertise the services of all our photography pass holders to our guests. Pass holders are welcome to set up paid photoshoot times with our ticket holders over the course of the weekend to recover the cost of their pass, so long as they are not scheduled during the event hours on Saturday.

Photography pass applications will open through the month of September, and we will notify selected photographers in early October. These passes are non-refundable, but in the event you must cancel, we will make every effort to transfer your pass to another interested photographer so you may be reimbursed.

If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with our staff with the following information, and the email subject “SMMB2017 Photo Pass”:



Link to your portfolio:

The camera you plan to use:

A little background of your experience as an event photographer:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ticket Upgrades: On Sale In October

We’re excited to bring you several optional ticket upgrades to enhance your experience at the Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball with unique additions to what your ticket already covers!

Kuma Crafts Jewelry Upgrade

Now you can complete a matching set of our exclusive, limited-edition Kuma Crafts necklaces, made specially to commemorate this incredible evening. These keepsakes feature real Swarovski crystals in our evening’s elegant color palette, and are only available to you as our special guests. Limit one upgrade per ticket holder, either crescent wand or star locket.


Arrival Announcement by Uncle Yo

For the truly royal and the ever-fabulous, we are offering a limited upgrade option to have your name announced by our Moon Kingdom Emissary and our evening’s host, Uncle Yo! As you walk through the doors into the ballroom, all eyes will be on you as your name (and if you prefer, your royal title!) is announced to proclaim your presence at the event. 50 available, must arrive before 6:40 PM to redeem

$25 per name

Raffle Tickets

We have a collection of immensely exciting prizes to give away to celebrate this momentous night. We’re happy to offer you more chances to win your dream Sailor Moon merchandise! VIP tickets come with 5 chances to win, and General Admission tickets come with 3, but if you absolutely must get your hands on some of the incredible gifts we’ve acquired, we’re happy to help you boost your luck! Unlimited

$5 per ticket

General Admission Ticket Upgrades

Did you miss out on those super-elusive VIP tickets? You still have a chance to get some of the ticket perks so that you can enjoy a luxurious evening as Moon Royalty!


Keepsake Corsages and Boutonnières

Delicate white roses and lilac-hued limonium blossoms accented with a silver moon charm, tied with a silver ribbon stamped with SMMB 2017. See both options here!


Open Bar Upgrade

Need something stronger than a fizzy drink to bolster your courage on the dance floor? Enjoy an open bar when you purchase this upgrade, and get the chance to sample all our specialty cocktails on the cheap!


Preferred Seating Upgrade

Want to ensure you have a quality spot to enjoy the evening? Purchasing a preferred seating upgrade will guarantee you a seat closer to the evening’s entertainment and the buffets.


VIP Seating Upgrade

Sit at a Moon Royalty table on the edge of the dance floor, with a perfect view of the stage and the evening’s entertainment.


VIP Room Access

There’s still a chance to gain access to our Venus Love and Beauty Suite, where you can get away from all the bustle of the main ballroom and enjoy VIP perks: a dedicated open bar, a special photoshoot area with a professional photographer, a makeup artist and a hairdresser on hand to spruce up your look through the evening, an emergency outfit repair table, and an upgraded dessert bar! A truly royal experience. 5 available




We will be sending out more information via email to ticket holders about the sales process closer to October. Please look out for it!

Ticket Buying Tutorial

It’s ticket time! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how ticketing is set up and give you a run through of the purchasing process with screen shots. All ticket purchasing will happen on the ticket page within our retailer’s widget. It’s already set up on the ticket page and it looks like this:

ticket tutorial: 1st page

On this page you’ll enter the quantity of tickets you’d like to purchase. You can purchase up to FIVE tickets per order, so if your group is bigger than 5 people, definitely make sure you have two people purchasing.

ticket tutorial: 1st page

ticket tutorial: 1st page

After you click “NEXT >” and move onto the next screen those tickets are in your checkout basket for 20 MINUTES. As long as you finish the checkout process within 20 MINUTES you don’t have to worry about the tickets being taken from you, so take your time and make sure you fill everything out correctly! There’s no timer on the page, so just make sure you’re watching the clock.

The billing and attendee information page is next, and it looks like this:

The first section of this page is BILLING INFORMATION. That info has to match up with whatever payment you use to purchase the ticket. If someone else is gifting you the tickets, that’s fine, as long as this information matches their credit/debit/banking info. Also be aware that the digital tickets will go to the email address listed in this section.

The second section corresponds to the number of tickets you’re purchasing (1 to 5 tickets) and should contain the information of the people actually attending the ball. It’s extremely important that you enter your REAL LEGAL BIRTH NAME AND BIRTHDATE. We’ll be checking ID’s upon entry against this information in order to prevent ticket scalping, so please make sure this information matches the info on the photo ID you’ll provide at check in. There is a space for a “preferred name” that will be used on any keepsakes that you can take home.

The emails in the attendee section will receive a special Welcome Email that has information about hotel blocks, preferred vendors and discounts, and our special ticket-holders Facebook group.

If you have any kind of dietary restrictions, don’t hesitate to mark and list them. Our caterers are capable of making sure everyone has something to eat during the evening, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable and not worried about having a tasty meal.

Planning a cosplay? Let us know! We’d like to put together a photoshoot, and we’re curious who everyone is hoping to come as. 🙂

By purchasing tickets to the ball, you must comply with our Terms of Service and our Code of Conduct. Please do take a moment to read over both as you’ll be expected to comply with these terms to attend the Masquerade.

Double check all of your information and click “NEXT >”!

ticket tutorial: payment page

Next is the payment page. Note that we are not charging any booking fees or taxes! Ticket prices are flat rate, so don’t worry about any additional hidden fees. We accept payment by credit or debit card (blue button) as well as PayPal (yellow button).

If you select “Pay with Card”, you will see a box come up on the page that looks like this:

ticket tutorial: payment

Please make sure that the information you enter here matches the information you entered in the BILLING INFO section of the previous page. Click “Payment Info” when you’ve entered all your billing information and you will see this:

ticket tutorial: payment page

Enter your credit or debit card number, the expiration date MM / YY, and the CVC number on the back of your card. Clicking “remember me” will add your card information to our system for any future orders. Click the blue Pay $ button and wait for the order confirmation page…

If you’re paying by PayPal, click the yellow “Pay Now” button, and you’ll be directed to PayPal’s site to use your account to either pay directly from your bank account or your registered credit card. After you check out, you’ll be directed to your order confirmation page!

Congratulations–you’re going to the Ball!! You’ll receive your tickets to your billing email, and all attendees emails will receive the Welcome Email. If you have any further questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form or on our social media accounts. GOOD LUCK!!!

-Luna 🌙

Silent Art Auction: Call For Artists

Send us your art!Calling all Sailor Moon fan artists: we’re looking for pieces that capture the romance and elegance of the Silver Millennium! The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball will be hosting a silent art auction the evening of the party, and we’re looking for interested artists to participate in this opportunity to make unique, beautiful pieces for our guests to bid on. Details below!

We’ll be selecting a limited number of artists for the occasion. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us via our contact form with the subject “SMMB ART AUCTION” and the following information:

Your Name
Your Email
Examples of Your Art (a link to your art blog, website, or archive)
A Description of the Piece You’d Like to Create

We’re specifically looking for new works that explore the Silver Millennium. Any characters can appear in the work, so long as they are from Sailor Moon (no original characters or crossover work, please).

The call for artists will end on August 31, 2016 and participating artists will be announced and notified by September 15, 2016. Artists will be responsible for providing a quality print of their piece by mail to the event organizers by February 11th, 2017.

Artists may set their starting bids, and will receive 80% of the final bid price on their piece via online payment no later than one week after the auction.

Please do not submit any work that has been traced, manipulations of original Sailor Moon art, or the work of other artists. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and you will not be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you!