An Informative Post About Dancing

What’s a masquerade ball without dancing? 💙 We’ve been working closely with the conductor of the Sera Symphony orchestra to plan the evening’s festivities, and we’re excited to see you gliding across the ballroom on our special night with the masked partner of your dreams! Not only will we offer ways to scout out your perfect dance partner if you’re coming solo, we’ll also be offering dances of varying skill so that everyone can enjoy the dance floor, regardless of how much practice time you’ve put in.

Fill Your Dance Card

( Design Not Final )
( Design Not Final )

We will be providing dance cards at every table that are printed with an ordered list of each type of dance we will be offering throughout the evening so that you may schedule yourself with as many lucky dance partners as possible!

We will also be providing pins at each table that can signal to other guests that you are interested and looking for dance partners—a light hued ribbon to signify that you know how to lead, and a dark hued ribbon if you’re better at following. We hope that this will encourage people to find and make new friends!

A Dance For Everyone

We’d like to cover a wide range of different types of dancing so that everyone who wishes to join in can enjoy themselves without worrying about their skill level. We will be offering the following dance styles:

  • Waltz (slow)
  • Viennese Waltz (fast)
  • Tango
  • Foxtrot

All of these dances will be interspersed with several basic “slow dance” songs for those who want some time on the dance floor, gazing into their darling’s eyes and not worrying overly much about their footing.

Ballroom dancing not your style? No worries! When everyone has had their fill of waltzing, we’ll be lowering the house lights and our DJ will play the best Sailor Moon jams for everyone to party to at the end of the night!

Special Dances

Do you want the chance to be the star of the dance floor? We’re extremely excited to be offering four special auctioned dances that will let you and your partner have the room’s eyes on you as you take the empty floor to your choice of music from the series! These auctions will run on our Sales Portal from January 1st – January 15th, 2017. Winners of the auctions will have their names and song choice printed on all of the dance cards!


You and your partner will open our evening of dancing with any style of dance you prefer. You may pick any song from the series that you wish, and the orchestra will accommodate. A truly romantic opportunity!

Starting Bid – USD $250


Love the lovely ladies of the outer planets? Channel their elegant beauty on the dance floor to your choice of their best theme music!

Starting Bid – USD $125

The winners of this auction may pick from the following songs. The suggested dance type is listed in parentheses, but is not mandatory.


The villains of Sailor Moon always love to take center stage! Make your evening deviously fabulous with the chance to own the dance floor, swaying to some of the jazziest numbers in the series!

Starting Bid – USD $100

The winners of this auction may pick from the following songs. The suggested dance type is listed in parentheses, but is not mandatory.


Close off the evening by owning the dance floor with ANY song of your choice (not limited to music from the series), played by our DJ. Use this time to have a special dance with your date or get together a group and choreograph something amazing that will have the other guests cheering!

Starting Bid – USD $75

There’s still plenty of time for everyone to practice, practice, practice! Bring your best dancing shoes and we’ll see you on the floor for a magical evening!