Enjoy live Sailor Moon music for your entertainment during dinner.Sera Symphony

SeraSymphony: Sailor Moon Symphony is a fan-created tribute concert featuring music from Naoko Takeuchi’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series performed by the anime, cartoon, and video game chamber ensemble iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra. The live concert debuted October 2014 in New York City to a sold-out crowd at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music. In July 2015, SeraSymphony premiered in Los Angeles at The Colburn School with guest vocalist Jennifer Cihi, the original singing voice of the North American dub.

iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra is New York’s strictly nerdy music ensemble. Founded in 2011 by Conductor & Artistic Director Bobbie Lee Crow III, this quirky “group of talented musicians, arrangers, and composers” (The Escapist) performs music from beloved anime, cartoons, and video games in its monthly music videos and live concerts. The musical nerdfest has been featured on Anime News Network, Animation World News, LA Weekly, and has received praise from Ubisoft’s Child of Light director Patrick Plourde.
Hold onto your ginzuishou, ladies.

Master of Ceremonies: Uncle Yo

We’re proud to announce that Uncle Yo will be acting as our Master of Ceremonies on this special night! Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer is the Northeast’s premiere anime-themed comedian. Podcaster, playwright, puppeteer and Sailor Scout at heart, Yo’s most popular panel last year was “Magical Girl Bootcamp.” You may have seen his work alongside several Nostalgia Critic reviews as well as the 5th year anniversary short film, DragonBored. Follow his Fantasy, puppet-driven sitcom Dungeon Crawlers on that Youtube you kids are so happy about. You can find all his albums and CD’s on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. Yo’s super stoked to be hosting your first Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball!