Luna’s Style Guide: The Dress Code

Luna here, with some tips about following our dress code!Greetings from the Moon Kingdom! Luna here, with a dress code style guide for those who will be attending our first ever terrestrial gala! Properly dressing for the occasion is a must, and I’m here to clear up any confusion about what our “black tie” dress code really means. There’s a good chance that your head is already full to the brim with ideas for what you’ll be wearing, and this is certainly the night to show off your creativity in the formal clothing of your choice! Let’s go over our standards of dress to make sure everyone has a beautiful evening.


Slim fitting and elegant!Those of you looking to showcase a gorgeous gown are quite in luck—this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Full and beautiful!Dresses can range from ankle-length full ball gowns to elegant cocktail dresses. Keep it slim-fitting and sultry or full and glamorous! As for accessories, break out your sparkliest jewelry, or perhaps your long gloves, and of course a mask that matches your gorgeous ensemble. Evening shoes are a must, but do make sure you can dance in them. You can’t have much fun if your feet are hurting!

UPDATE: Please refrain from wearing hoop skirts to the event.


A perfect example of black tie!Men’s wear should be quite elegant as well. Take a tip from the Prince of Earth: you can’t go wrong in a dashing black tuxedo, and that should be the lowest standard of dress you attempt for the evening. A dinner jacket is required, as is a tie or bow-tie (black or white), cummerbund or vest, and formal shoes that are brightly shined for the occasion. Accessorize with a dashing cape and white gloves if you’re feeling bold! Of course, dressing up even further will never be scoffed at. Coming dressed in your finest princely attire, complete with epaulets and sash, will certainly turn heads. The rule is: the more elegant and formal the better!

Military uniforms are an appropriate and most welcome attire.


Dressing as your idol is absolutely encouraged, and we look forward to seeing your creative tributes to them, so long as they meet our formal dress standards. Visiting dignitaries are always welcome to our galas as we are constantly striving to tighten the bonds between the Moon Kingdom and our neighboring communities!

Corsages and Boutonnières

Boutonnières and corsagesThis is the type of formal dress in which a lovely corsage or boutonnière will really perfect your outfit. Those who wish to take home a nice keepsake will be able to purchase a custom made boutonniere or corsage in our evening’s color palette during ticket registration.


What would a masquerade be without masks? Each attendee is encouraged to prepare for the night with a mask that matches their outfit, but in the event that you arrive at the hall without one, we will have some for purchase so that you don’t feel left out.

Those who wear corrective lenses are encouraged to bring a mask attached to a handle so that it does not compromise their vision!

Still Confused About The Dress Code?

Try these style guides if you think you need more info about what is proper black tie dress code.

Guide to Black Tie (Tuxedos)
Guide to Black Tie (Gowns)

We hope this guide makes our expectations a little clearer so that you can continue to plan your outfit for this special night! If you still aren’t quite clear or have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you at the ball!

Luna 🌙