Dress Code Update: Hoop Skirts

Hoop skirtsAfter working with the Hall of Springs this weekend on our table design and floor plan, we’ve decided to make a small amendment to our dress code. Please refrain from wearing hoop skirts as part of your undergarments at the event. We’ve decided that while very pretty, hoop skirts will take up far too much space at the tables and infringe on your table-mate’s space. It’s our goal to make sure that every guest has a fantastic evening, and we’re sure that you’ll look fabulous even without this item.

What qualifies as a hoop skirt? Any rigid slip that gives your dress a large bell-like form. You are more than welcome to wear petticoats to give your outfit some extra poof, but anything that makes your skirt stiffly create a shape is likely going to infringe on other guest’s space at the table.

Guests who arrive wearing hoop skirts will be asked to return to their hotel to remove them before being let into the Ball. Thank you so much for your understanding.